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(TG) Natsu Sakana - Timeskip by Eriluvs
(TG) Natsu Sakana - Timeskip


Medical Information (Before - After):

The basic, to the point medical information we have on file of your shinobi.

Registration #:181516
Official Rank: Genin
Full Name: Natsu Sakana
Gender: Female
Age/DOB: 19 - Marth 15th
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Bloodline/Type: 0
Chakra Nature: Earth

Likes, Dislikes, Drives, and Motivations:

Likes: Her loved ones, lanterns, training, vegetables, books, stargazing, fireworks, festivals, climbing trees, rain, cooking (although she is not good at it).

Dislikes: Lies, fish, feeling anxious, stress, war, arguments, crying, feeling scared.

Inspirations: Her mother, her friends.

Life Goals: To protect those she care about. Maybe become an Academy Teacher someday.

Notable Changes during the Time-Skip (if any):

Natsu was always known as the quiet girl. Ever since her childhood days, she had been scared that people would dislike her and/or think that she was weak. She would therefore try to keep her opinions to herself, and rarely talked. This was a way for her to protect herself, building a "barrier" around her emotions. In pressured situations, such as battles or missions, she would however not be able to keep control of her emotions. This would cause her to lose focus and/or become reckless. This also gave her a bad temper, seeing as anger is a very strong emotion that is hard to contain. Another feeling that was always hard for her to contain was embarrassment, hence the scarf she always wore (so she could hise her face in it).

When Natsu's older brother Koi died during the masked men attack, Natsu realized that she had never showed him enough how much he meant to her. He had also been the only person who really knew her at that point. It was as if everything she had done up to that point in her life'd had no real purpose. She was frightened. What would happened next time she lost someone? Would she be able to take it?
She decided to stop being afraid of what people thought of her and to try and open up more to people, so that if she lost someone else, she would not have to feel this regret.
Easier said than done, though. Barriers like that are hard to tear down. At first, as soon as something happened that would make her uneasy or anything of the sort, she would put the barrier back instantly. This caused a lot of people to become confused by her chaging behavior. But as time went by, it got easier for her. She tried her best to socialize with other people and get new friends, even if most encounters would end up awkward. And soon her reactions to things would be spontanious again. This made her evlove from a quiet loner into the stubborn, caring and awkward girl that she had really been all along.

During the timeskip, Natsu also trained a lot. Before, her goal of being a ninja had been to protect a village she did not know, mostly because she lived there. But now, she could protect a village she knew and loved. And for that, she had to get stronger.
Natsu also helped her mother out a lot at work at the book store off the main street in the village (since the shinobi didn't go on missions during this time), making her and her mother grow a stronger bond.

Important Events during the Time-Skip (if any):

- The death of Koi (her older brother): 
- Causes her to think about her previous life choices and deciding to be herself more.
- Makes her get closer to her mother
- She suffers from nightmares, sometimes causing her to wake up from panic attach in the middle of the night, for a while. But they became less frequent over time, and now they mostly come back around her brother's birthday and death day.
The Brawl between Kitsune and Asukai:
Tries not to pick sides or take part in the fighting, but has despite this taken part in the fighting a few times.
The war with the land of Cayons:
Causes her to become worried about the village's safety and drives her to train even harder to be able to protect the village.

Additional Information (if any):

- She sometimes really misses her old scarf, seeing as it's harder for her to hide her blushing face without it XD
- She might not be the smartest, but she has a pretty good memory, and if someone said something she found important, she would most likely not forget it.
- She gets very bold when she's drunk (she is still underage but she has been drunk a few times. She's not the good girl she looks to be >C )
- She likes vegetables


Wed Dec 17, 2014, 3:27 AM

Stolen from :iconjaz-saxx:

Pick an OC between you and me and I'll draw their love child kid thing :iconneveraloneplz:
I'm fine with any pairing, like crack pairings and whatevs--
I just thought this would be really interesting and fun to do AHAHAA :iconomgcryplz:
Just FYI I might not get to all of them and I'll only be choosing the ones I want to do :iconsuiren34plz:
Anywei, yea
just comment, it'll give me something to draw when I'm bored :iconthegloryofplz:

^copied this text almost exactly from her, because I will have the exactly same conditions, meaning: I don't know which I draw or if I draw them at all, but I'll surely pick some at least!

Torogakure Holiday Event!

Mon Dec 15, 2014, 4:42 AM

1. Staying Warm!

        The cold is setting in quickly this winter! Don't catch a cold with the chill in the air!

     Your Task:
         Draw or write about your character keeping warm this winter by whatever means they have available!

 Your character does not succumb to winter's icy touch.

2. Cold Winds, Hot drinks!

         The best way to stave off a cold is by keeping yourself warm on the inside! You've heard a rumor that heated chocolate is the best thing to drink this time of year, but it seems that everyone else heard that as well!

    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character in an epic battle against your fellow ninjas to get your hands on the dwindling quantities of hot chocolate ingredients!

    Reward: If you get the ingredients you get to enjoy a splendid cup of hot cocoa.

    Reward: If you fail to acquire the ingredients you'll have to settle for regular tea, or if you're particularly down about your failure, a bottle of sake.

3. Dashing Through the Snow!

        Last time you went to Kosetsumura you saw them during the Snowfall Celebration, shinobi zipping down snowy hills and having a great time.  Why should Kosetsumura have all the fun?! Sure T
ōrōgakure doesn't exactly get a lot of snow, in fact most people don't remember the last time snow actually stuck to the ground and really we get more rain than actual snow - but hey when have we ever been stopped by a little weather?

    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character sledding regardless of Tōrōgakure's pathetically abysmal amount of snow.

    Reward: Bragging rights that it doesn't take a lot of snow to have a good time.

4. Light Up The Night!

        The days are getting shorter and darker, however that doesn't mean the place you live has to be!   Let's brighten the streets up to make it feel safer at night!

    Your Task:
            Draw or write about your character decorating their home and the trees around with lanterns and other ornaments!

    Reward: Your house has now caught the eye of nearby Hibiki children!

5. Songs of Times Forgotten

        There are songs for heroes, songs for good times, and songs for the saddest moments of your life.  Tonight we sing songs about good times, as loud as we possibly can so all our neighbors can enjoy them! Now is the time to lift up everyone's spirits!
    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character going into a group and singing/shouting about good things to their neighbors.

    Reward: If your group contains more Uranami than Kitsune your neighbors will be impressed with their voices and they may give you candy!

    Reward: If your group contains more Kitsune than Uranami your neighbors will be unable to hear the tune with all the shouting, they'll smile and politely nod.

    Reward: If your group contains neither a Kitsune or an Uranami your neighbors will praise you on your performance!

6. Fireside Stories of Tannosuke

        Who could possibly forget how the hero Tannosuke once saved the entire village? Or how in the middle of winter he brings new blankets for orphans?  There's nothing better than listening to the stories of Tannosuke beside a big cozy fire.


    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character listening to Hideaki or one of his students tell stories of Tannosuke.

    Reward: By paying attention to his stories, you'll have more evidence that Tannosuke is better than Yukimura!

7. Gift Exchange

        Winter can be tough to get through on your own! Show someone you really care by giving them a present lovingly wrapped by you!

    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character giving another character a gift!

    Reward: Giving is its' own reward.

8. A Kiss Under the White Lantern

        If you find yourself standing under the white lantern it's tradition to kiss the person standing under it with you!  It's not uncommon to be tricked under one by someone who wants to kiss you! In that same vein, it's entirely possible to stand under it accidentally.  Upon it being noticed though, a kiss must be had even if it's your worst rival!  Rumor has it the first white lantern was hung by a Kitsune but so far this remains unproven.        
    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character standing under the white lantern! Remember if you use someone else's character you must obtain permission from them beforehand!
 A kiss you'll never forget!

9.  The Annual Hibiki Feast and Sparkle Party

        It's often said that there is no party like a Hibiki Party.  In fact their winter party is known as one of the most "sparkly" and "shiny" parties of the year.  The food is good, the conversation hilarious, and the decorations...oddly familiar.
    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character having a good time at the party and reclaiming their stolen decorations.

    Reward: Your second shiniest decoration is returned to you!

10. The Fox and the Snow Drinking Game

        The popular winter spin-off of Fox-Sword-Monk, the fox and the snow is designed to warm you up and get you drunk quickly.   Each player counts to three, and will either throw up two fingers at the side of their head for fox or take no action.
    -if both players pick Fox they both take two drinks, since two foxes together are stronger!
    -if both players pick Snow they both take one drink from their drinks!
    -if one player picks Snow and the other picks fox neither gets to take a drink since Fox isn't stronger than Snow and they're stalemated!
    -if one player throws up the symbol for Monk or Sword, both players must immediately finish their drinks since this changes their game!
If you're underage remember not to get caught! Otherwise you may play with tea (or hot chocolate if you got the ingredients!)

    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character playing the drinking game!

    Reward: You'll no longer feel the cold for the night!

11. Make something for Tannosuke!

        Tannosuke rewards you for being good and protects the village all year! Let's do something nice for Tannosuke!  If he doesn't have time to eat what you made for him don't worry, usually a parent or a friend will be happy to eat what you make for him!
    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character cooking a snack for Tannosuke! Sweets are common things to make for him!

    Reward: Sometimes Tannosuke will leave small presents! If one of your friends or a family member eats what you make usually they'll leave you a small present in Tannosuke's place!

12. Stargazing

        Sometimes it's nice to just take a moment and quietly gaze up at the stars on a clear winter night.
    Your Task:
        Draw or write about your character relaxing and enjoying the stars alone or with someone special.

    Reward: A night of peace

Lantern emoticon :shrugs: by treebot Journal Skin © Inconcabille Lantern emoticon :shrugs: by treebot Background © CookieHolicNyu Lantern emoticon :shrugs: by treebot
TG headcanon WEEK!
No deviants said Ask questions about Natsu
No deviants said Or questions to her and she'll answer
No deviants said (You could ask Hiyori, Natsu's mom, but she's not an 'official' character)
No deviants said Ask away <3
The main street was pretty lively. Of course, that was to be expected. People from all the three factions were gathered here. I had gone mainly because I needed to show some kind of support and loyalty to my faction, even though I did regret my choice to join them.

Apparently there was some kind of political meeting going on inside the Kage’s castle, and what happened there would decide whether or not we started killing each other right here and now. Hopefully it would go well. I was nervous enough as it is. I prayed this big gathering wouldn’t turn into another fight.
Even though we were all gathered on the main road of the village, the people were clearly divided into factions. I had seen some people I knew when I got here, both from my own faction and from others. I hadn’t dared to speak to them, though. And right now I stood leaned against a building, keeping my eyes downward at the ground. I didn’t want to risk getting eye contact with anyone. I didn’t want to risk anything that could worsen the situation. Because this was really nerve-wrecking for me.

A few people had started arguing about what would be the best thing to do. Clearly they didn’t have enough patience to wait until the business in the castle had been cleared. From the sound of it, it seemed like at least one of them was a member of my faction, the Dragon. Of course, I didn’t say anything, but I did wonder, quietly to myself, what would be the best thing to do. And what the people in the castle would decide.
I didn’t really understand why this whole situation with the factions had begun. I didn’t really remember. I knew that the Fox faction and the Phoenix faction had existed since some time after the invasion three years ago. And when the Dragon faction joined the party, it escalated into this current situation. Of course this demand for change was because a lot of people were dissatisfied with how the village was run right now. Personally, I didn’t think it was perfect, but nothing was. I didn’t really feel that great of a need for change. But since it had been troublesome and almost dangerous to stay neutral, I had picked a side anyway. Too bad I regretted that now. It felt like I wasn’t good at decision-making.
Personally, it would make me very calm if everyone could just reach a decision, no matter what it was. Of course, all factions had parts I strongly disagreed with, so no matter what happened, I would have complaints. And also, all factions had good ideas. It would’ve been better if we just combined the good things. But then again, the “good things” were probably different depending on who you asked. If everything went according to what I wanted, that wouldn’t make everyone happy, either.
I sighed lowly to myself. Couldn’t they just hurry up in there? I was getting really anxious from this atmosphere…
Suddenly, the people around me started moving, which forced me out of my train of thought and back into reality. At first, I thought matters had finally been settled and the Akarikage had announced something and I missed it. But it turned out to be something entirely different. Something that made my anxiousness not fade but grow.
Apparently, something had been sensed outside the wall. Something bad.
TG - Showdown at the Main Street

4. Showdown at Main Street.

     The Showdown at Main Street. All three factions are gathering in preparation to do battle.
On the north side of the Street, Dragon Faction Supporters gather - Starting a demonstration.
From the south near all the shops, the Phoenix Faction gathers as well, also spouting their views.
Meanwhile from the East by the Castle, the Fox Faction set up their own demonstration.
It's a tense moment as any of the three Factions could attack and start a large scale battle,
so far no one's making a move... But depending what happens in the Political meeting, that could change.

The Shikaku Seiei (The Faction Traitors only) wait outside the castle - Barring entry within,
while the court room is occupied with the Political meeting that will decide what happens.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's Actions while during the Showdown at Main Street.
     Whether your character is demonstrating with signs and scrolls, or just there for support,
     the streets are packed with Faction members - lined up like armies about to do battle.
     There is also an option to not participate, but sitting around won't teach you as much.

Reward for Participating in the Showdown: 1 Mission Credit, +/-Clan Karma. 
Reward for NOT Participating/Staying home: No Credit, but Karma is nullified (No effect).


This is probably a bit boring to read, but it was the only mission I had inspiration for. And also, you get to follow Natsu's train of thought regarding the political situation, if you're intrested in that XD

Natsu Sakana - :iconeriluvs: Me

To Do List<3



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TG headcanon WEEK! 

No deviants said Ask questions about Natsu
No deviants said Or questions to her and she'll answer
No deviants said (You could ask Hiyori, Natsu's mom, but she's not an 'official' character)
No deviants said Ask away <3


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