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TG - InuNatsu Valentines by Eriluvs
TG - InuNatsu Valentines
Okay so I uploaded this really late, but I've been at a con and then I was got sick OTL
Better late then never, right..? :'D

I felt like I needed to draw these two cuties for valentines. And it gave me a lot of practise with poses and arms and side views and stuff. I'm quite glad with how it came out :heart:

Natsu Sakana (c) :iconeriluvs: Me
Inugami Kota (c) :iconbestness:
TG Collab - Preparing for the Festival by Eriluvs
TG Collab - Preparing for the Festival
Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character (And your partner!) helping to prepare for the festival.
     There's loads of events to prepare for, from simple tasks like repainting and decorating the village and shops,
     to building attraction stands, buying materials, cleaning up wreckage, rebuilding buildings, and much more!


This has been laying n my folder for so long. I'm really sorry that I didn't upload it until now! ;A;
I don't really like how it came out, but I had no ideas on how to do it differently, so eventually I decided that it was good enough like this.

This is a sequel to SuzakuTrip's beautiful work: 0. Preparing for the Festival - (Aya Side) by SuzakuTrip

Natsu Sakana (c) :iconeriluvs: Me
Aya Shirogane (c) :iconsuzakutrip:
(TG) Natsu Sakana - Timeskip by Eriluvs
(TG) Natsu Sakana - Timeskip


Medical Information (Before - After):

The basic, to the point medical information we have on file of your shinobi.

Registration #:181516
Official Rank: Genin
Full Name: Natsu Sakana
Gender: Female
Age/DOB: 19 - Marth 15th
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Bloodline/Type: 0
Chakra Nature: Earth

Likes, Dislikes, Drives, and Motivations:

Likes: Her loved ones, lanterns, training, vegetables, books, stargazing, fireworks, festivals, climbing trees, rain, cooking (although she is not good at it).

Dislikes: Lies, fish, feeling anxious, stress, war, arguments, crying, feeling scared.

Inspirations: Her mother, her friends.

Life Goals: To protect those she care about. Maybe become an Academy Teacher someday.

Notable Changes during the Time-Skip (if any):

Natsu was always known as the quiet girl. Ever since her childhood days, she had been scared that people would dislike her and/or think that she was weak. She would therefore try to keep her opinions to herself, and rarely talked. This was a way for her to protect herself, building a "barrier" around her emotions. In pressured situations, such as battles or missions, she would however not be able to keep control of her emotions. This would cause her to lose focus and/or become reckless. This also gave her a bad temper, seeing as anger is a very strong emotion that is hard to contain. Another feeling that was always hard for her to contain was embarrassment, hence the scarf she always wore (so she could hise her face in it).

When Natsu's older brother Koi died during the masked men attack, Natsu realized that she had never showed him enough how much he meant to her. He had also been the only person who really knew her at that point. It was as if everything she had done up to that point in her life'd had no real purpose. She was frightened. What would happened next time she lost someone? Would she be able to take it?
She decided to stop being afraid of what people thought of her and to try and open up more to people, so that if she lost someone else, she would not have to feel this regret.
Easier said than done, though. Barriers like that are hard to tear down. At first, as soon as something happened that would make her uneasy or anything of the sort, she would put the barrier back instantly. This caused a lot of people to become confused by her chaging behavior. But as time went by, it got easier for her. She tried her best to socialize with other people and get new friends, even if most encounters would end up awkward. And soon her reactions to things would be spontanious again. This made her evlove from a quiet loner into the stubborn, caring and awkward girl that she had really been all along.

During the timeskip, Natsu also trained a lot. Before, her goal of being a ninja had been to protect a village she did not know, mostly because she lived there. But now, she could protect a village she knew and loved. And for that, she had to get stronger.
Natsu also helped her mother out a lot at work at the book store off the main street in the village (since the shinobi didn't go on missions during this time), making her and her mother grow a stronger bond.

Important Events during the Time-Skip (if any):

- The death of Koi (her older brother): 
- Causes her to think about her previous life choices and deciding to be herself more.
- Makes her get closer to her mother
- She suffers from nightmares, sometimes causing her to wake up from panic attach in the middle of the night, for a while. But they became less frequent over time, and now they mostly come back around her brother's birthday and death day.
The Brawl between Kitsune and Asukai:
Tries not to pick sides or take part in the fighting, but has despite this taken part in the fighting a few times.
The war with the land of Cayons:
Causes her to become worried about the village's safety and drives her to train even harder to be able to protect the village.

Additional Information (if any):

- She sometimes really misses her old scarf, seeing as it's harder for her to hide her blushing face without it XD
- She might not be the smartest, but she has a pretty good memory, and if someone said something she found important, she would most likely not forget it.
- She gets very bold when she's drunk (she is still underage but she has been drunk a few times. She's not the good girl she looks to be >C )
- She likes vegetables
No deviants said I am not crying what are you talking about


Mon Feb 9, 2015, 4:12 AM

Stolen from WhipCrack

Comment the name of one of my ocs with an icon and I'll reply

(don't make me choose an oc myself)

☾ : Sleep headcanon
☠ : Drinking/drunk headcanon
☼ : Childhood headcanon
☯ : Genderbent headcanon (I have learned that genderbending is transphobic, and I don't want to offend anyone. But if you pick this one for my Oc Natsu for example, you could just say "Headcanon if Natsu had been assigned a boy at birth" or something instead ^^)
⋆ : Sex headcanon
☮ : Bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon
☄ : Any AU headcanon (modern, school, medieval, and so on)
♤ : Cooking headcanon
⊕ : Talents/hobbies headcanon
☻ : Mood headcanon
✚ : health headcanon
✿ : happiness headcanon
✖ : anger headcanon
♆ : body headcanon
ϡ : mental state headcanon
ღ : love or sexuality headcanon
♡ : relationship with (give name or url)
† : religion headcanon
✄ : pet peeve headcanon
☂ : food headcanon
♒ : Any other question of your choosing

To Do List<3



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