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The main street was pretty lively. Of course, that was to be expected. People from all the three factions were gathered here. I had gone mainly because I needed to show some kind of support and loyalty to my faction, even though I did regret my choice to join them.

Apparently there was some kind of political meeting going on inside the Kage’s castle, and what happened there would decide whether or not we started killing each other right here and now. Hopefully it would go well. I was nervous enough as it is. I prayed this big gathering wouldn’t turn into another fight.
Even though we were all gathered on the main road of the village, the people were clearly divided into factions. I had seen some people I knew when I got here, both from my own faction and from others. I hadn’t dared to speak to them, though. And right now I stood leaned against a building, keeping my eyes downward at the ground. I didn’t want to risk getting eye contact with anyone. I didn’t want to risk anything that could worsen the situation. Because this was really nerve-wrecking for me.

A few people had started arguing about what would be the best thing to do. Clearly they didn’t have enough patience to wait until the business in the castle had been cleared. From the sound of it, it seemed like at least one of them was a member of my faction, the Dragon. Of course, I didn’t say anything, but I did wonder, quietly to myself, what would be the best thing to do. And what the people in the castle would decide.
I didn’t really understand why this whole situation with the factions had begun. I didn’t really remember. I knew that the Fox faction and the Phoenix faction had existed since some time after the invasion three years ago. And when the Dragon faction joined the party, it escalated into this current situation. Of course this demand for change was because a lot of people were dissatisfied with how the village was run right now. Personally, I didn’t think it was perfect, but nothing was. I didn’t really feel that great of a need for change. But since it had been troublesome and almost dangerous to stay neutral, I had picked a side anyway. Too bad I regretted that now. It felt like I wasn’t good at decision-making.
Personally, it would make me very calm if everyone could just reach a decision, no matter what it was. Of course, all factions had parts I strongly disagreed with, so no matter what happened, I would have complaints. And also, all factions had good ideas. It would’ve been better if we just combined the good things. But then again, the “good things” were probably different depending on who you asked. If everything went according to what I wanted, that wouldn’t make everyone happy, either.
I sighed lowly to myself. Couldn’t they just hurry up in there? I was getting really anxious from this atmosphere…
Suddenly, the people around me started moving, which forced me out of my train of thought and back into reality. At first, I thought matters had finally been settled and the Akarikage had announced something and I missed it. But it turned out to be something entirely different. Something that made my anxiousness not fade but grow.
Apparently, something had been sensed outside the wall. Something bad.
TG - Showdown at the Main Street

4. Showdown at Main Street.

     The Showdown at Main Street. All three factions are gathering in preparation to do battle.
On the north side of the Street, Dragon Faction Supporters gather - Starting a demonstration.
From the south near all the shops, the Phoenix Faction gathers as well, also spouting their views.
Meanwhile from the East by the Castle, the Fox Faction set up their own demonstration.
It's a tense moment as any of the three Factions could attack and start a large scale battle,
so far no one's making a move... But depending what happens in the Political meeting, that could change.

The Shikaku Seiei (The Faction Traitors only) wait outside the castle - Barring entry within,
while the court room is occupied with the Political meeting that will decide what happens.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's Actions while during the Showdown at Main Street.
     Whether your character is demonstrating with signs and scrolls, or just there for support,
     the streets are packed with Faction members - lined up like armies about to do battle.
     There is also an option to not participate, but sitting around won't teach you as much.

Reward for Participating in the Showdown: 1 Mission Credit, +/-Clan Karma. 
Reward for NOT Participating/Staying home: No Credit, but Karma is nullified (No effect).


This is probably a bit boring to read, but it was the only mission I had inspiration for. And also, you get to follow Natsu's train of thought regarding the political situation, if you're intrested in that XD

Natsu Sakana - :iconeriluvs: Me
TG - Camp by Eriluvs
TG - Camp
5. Camp.
     After barely making it through the blizzard, and gathering everyone together,
     the Jōnin leading the expedition have decided to set up camp for now, and rest.
     Take a moment to relax, warm yourself by the fire, and eat, because the journey isn't over yet.
     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character (and company if you wish) setting up camp,
     some small tents and campfires will be home for tonight, for tomorrow, the journey continues.


Okay FIRST OF ALL ignore her feet because I can't draw feet to save my life!
Idk how to draw forests with snow and bushes and fire and a person but I think that I did it somehow :iconmingplz:

And how about pre ts Natsu with her hair down? :'D

Natsu Sakana - :iconeriluvs: Me
TG - Welcome Home by Eriluvs
TG - Welcome Home
5. Welcome Home. 
     It's been a long journey, we've been away from home for weeks, time to go home.
     I'm sure your friends and family are worried sick! This our first successful serious mission!
     I'm sure some people will be celebrating, and others will just want to rest. What will you do?
     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your OC returning home, this is one of the first big missions involving youngsters,
     It was probably really hard on all the families of the village, so make sure to give em a big hug!


This is the first time I've ever drawn a hug like this, so the anatomy might be a little off, sorry!

More pre ts missions! This was really fun to draw, and also the first drawing I have finished in a long while. I Also got to draw Koi, since he was still alive during this mission :')
Of course, Natsu and Koi's mother, Hiyori, was worried sick about them during the whole mission, so they both god a big hug as soon as they came home :'D
Also this is the first official appearence of Hiyori if anyone cares xDD I think her clothes will be a little more intresting in her post ts design xD

Natsu and Hiyori Sakana (c) :iconeriluvs: Me
Koi Sakana (c) :iconnixxijun-misfit:
"It's... burning..." I stared at the orange flames dancing before me. The village…the whole village was burning. I had to move. Of course I had to move. To do something. It was my job as a shinobi. But…I couldn’t. It was as if my feet were glue to the ground and my breaths felt shallow. I was scared.
Suddenly, something bumped into me with such a great force that I stumbled forward, eventually falling down to my knees. Looking up, I could see a person running past me. It was another shinobi, probably focused of putting the fire out.
As I stood, up, still kind of in a daze, I noticed everyone else was running around, too. I was the only one standing still. I had ruined this awful yellow yukata. I was almost happy about that, but my mother wouldn’t like that.
…Mom. Right. Move. I had to move. I had to make sure my mom was okay. Taking a deep breath, I stood a step forward and then started to run.
A woman came up to me after a while, grabbing my sleeve to stop me. There wasn’t too many people around, but I couldn’t help but get a little irritated that she had to stop me when I was in a hurry.
“My son!” She said, which immediately washed away my irritation. “He’s still in the house! Please save him!”
A felt a feeling of doubt hit me. Why did she think I would be able to help her son? Did she mistake me for older than I was because of my age? There was no way I could save a kid from a burning house…
But something about the woman’s pleading face made me agree anyway, and suddenly I found myself inside a burning house.
Thank god the fire hadn’t spread everywhere yet. This was way too warm for my liking.
“Heey! Is there anyone in here?” I shouted, praying the kid was alive, at least.
I heard a small ‘help’ to my left and started walking in that direction. I came into a room and saw a boy standing there, sniffling to himself.
“Hey…I got you..” I mumbled, lifting him up gently. He immediately pushed himself against my chest as if to protect himself from the fire. I was just about to walk back the way I came when parts of the roof fell down, blocking the exit.
“Damn…” I breathed, feeling panic slowly creep up on me. How the hell were we going to get out now?
I couldn’t lose my cool, though. Not while the kid was here. He was scared enough as it was. I looked around the room, trying to find another way to get out, but there was none. Shit…I had to get out of here..! I’d die otherwise. And the kid would die. Fuck…

A loud sound was hear and the roof fell down again, forcing me to step to the side while carrying the kid. Dust flew up into the air as the wood hit the ground and I coughed. When I could see again, I noticed the wall had also caved in. You could see the outside, but there was a large beam blocking the way out, but we could probably go beneath it.
“We can get out here..” I mumbled, walking over. I sat the boy down beside me and tried to lift the beam, but soon noticed that I was too weak. That’s what I get for being a girl…
“We might be able to go beneath it.” I told the little boy. “Okay?”
He looked at me, obviously afraid. “I…I can’t..” He mumbled.
“It’ll be alright, I promise.” I said, taking his hand and crouching down with him.
I crawled under the beam with the boy behind me. It was kind of tight, but we managed. When I got to the outside, I heard a sound similar to when the roof had caved in, and turned around in panic. The second later, I could hear the beam falling down further, and quickly grabbed it to save the boy. I managed to hold it up just enough, but the boy couldn’t move. He let out a scared whimper.
“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck…” I let out a breath through grit teeth. This was bad…

"Don't worry! We are here to help!" A sudden voice said. I looked up and met the face of a young redhead, standing just on the other side of the beam. I merely nodded in reply to him and he started to try and lift the beam. I tried to lift the beam as well by trying to stand up, but it wasn’t budging.
“What’s your name?” The redheaded boy asked.
“…Natsu.” I managed to say.
"Alright well I am Kizashi, remember it ‘cause soon I am going to be a great hero to this village! Now you have a chance to make history by being one of the first to help me! What do you say Natsu?"
I merely looked at him as I started to feel annoyed. There was a fire above and behind the kid. His life was in danger. And this guy started talking about what…heroes? Why on earth..? I just nodded again, wishing he’d hurry up before I hurt my back from this.
"Okay! Anzu grab the boy as we lift okay?" He said. A girl from behind him went up to us and held her arms out to the boy.
"One Two, Three!" Kizashi shouted and we tried lifting the beam again, using all of our strength. The kid just managed to crawl out and into the arms of the girl.
Both coughing, Kizashi and I stood up. I walked over to the kid and looked back at our two rescuers.
“Thank you…Kizashi and…” I trailed off, not remembering the name of the girl.
“Anzu.” She replied.
“Anzu.” I nodded before continuing my sentence. “...for the help but, I can take it from here."
I pointed towards a shelter area where I could see the boy’s mother and we walked over to her, leaving Kizashi and Anzu behind.

The look on the mother’s face when she embraced her son touched my heart, and she thanked me over and over. It felt kind of nice, I had to admit, even if I couldn’t take all the credit for it. I made sure they were both okay before moving on again.
…I still had to find my own mother.
TG - Escort the Villagers to Safety
2. Escort the villagers to safety!

    Your Task:
    Write or draw about your character helping some civilians to safety from the fire.
    note: Please don't OP your genin and rescue like 20 civilians by yourself, ya know? be realistic. xD


Two missions in a day, woo!! :dummy:
I actually kind of like writing pre ts Natsu ^^ I think I will try to focus on getting those missions done

Natsu Sakana - :iconeriluvs: Me
Kizashi Minawa - :iconcadefoster:
Anzu Mansei - :iconaqualannis:
Joining the dragon faction…might have been a bad idea. That was what I thought now, after everything that had happened. It had seemed like a good choice at first…but after people had gotten killed…after my faction has started that…no, definitely not a good idea. But would any of the other factions have been better? I really couldn’t answer that. I was glad I hadn’t killed anyone, though. Killing in itself was bad enough. But fellow villagers? I just couldn’t do that.
Both of the other factions had attacked us now. Of course they would want revenge for the ones they lost. But still, this was all just bizarre to me. The people of this village had more important things to worry about than arguing amongst themselves. I just wished I didn’t meet anyone I knew now. I wouldn’t be able to fight them.
So in a way, I was kind of lucky. Kazue and I had decided to protect the villagers in this area instead of fighting the other factions. And in the house where we were now, there wasn’t a big chance of actually meeting anyone. That really did calm me a bit, although I was still anxious from this whole situation. It didn’t help that the villagers in here were all scared, either.
This really was a war…wasn’t it? I regretted ever picking a side…

“This is all wrong!” Kazue’s voice brought me back to reality. “Why is Hojo allowed to kill? It is not so that resulting structure will equal sign, because fighting between us? When the enemy is probably out? Phoenicians and Foxes have joined, have joined forces to crush us. They are ‘united’ after years of disagreements…” She smiled slightly. “Anyway Natsu-chan, we need to protect our citizens, we can not abandon them, we must defend those who can not fight, and here there are many peoples who need us ... We have protect them!”
“Mpf, damn war...” Akuma muttered beside her.
There was many things I could say to answer Kazue. I was just as disappointed as her. Hojo was supposed to want equality, and I had to say that I did not think killing was the way to achieve that. I really regretted siding with this faction. But Kazue was right. Right now we needed to protect the people inside this house. There wasn’t time to feel regret. I’d have to deal with those feelings later. Now I needed to focus.
“Y-yes, let’s do our best..!” Was all I managed to say.

The people inside the house were rather quiet, which I was thankful for. I wouldn’t want anyone finding us here. Someone blinded by range and a wish for revenge…might not be merciful. That was my biggest fear.
But even though everyone was so quiet, suddenly I heard the door make a sound. Someone was trying to open it from outside. My heart instantly sped us in fear.
‘Oh please don’t come in here…please, please…’ I chanted in my mind. But even though I wished so hard for it not to, the door still opened.
And Tsuyoi stood there. His face was one of pure shock from how many people there was in here. He looked to Kazue, and then slowly turned his head to the side and saw me. I wonder if I also looked as shocked as he did?
He kept looking at his, dumbfounded. He probably didn’t know what to do. I wondered what his exact orders were? Would he follow them? Would he not?
I was about to say something when a faint voice could be heard from outside.
"Hey, Tsuyoi? You getting old on me? What’s taking so long? You find something?" I had no idea who the voice belonged to, other than that it sounded like a male voice.
“"No, just the inside got pretty banged up.” Tsuyoi said, beginning to turn around to walk away. “Nothing here we are looking for."
When he closed the door, I had to try hard to resist letting out a sigh from how relieved I was. Thank god it had been Tsuyoi…
It seemed like I was going to make it through this, too.
TG - Stand as Equals

3. Stand as Equals.

     "You know, it is ironic. The Fox and Phoenix Factions are angry with us for attacking them,
     yet they have been feuding in our streets for the past sixty years or more! How is that any different?!
     They hate us for what they have done since they joined Tōrōgakure - They hate us for being like them!

     Do you truly want these self-indulgent hypocrites to run this village? I know that I personally do not!
     These violent actions, these threats, this hateful anti-clan-less movement! We will end it all now!
     The hypocrisy, childishness, and ignorance of the Clans is too much - Do not fear them, we are Equals!"

          - Masanori Hojo, Chairman of the Dragon Faction.

     Your Task:
     Draw or Write about your character's Actions while defending one of the bases.
     Clans Supporting the both Factions will be in this Battle - Watch out for their Strengths!
     (Make sure if you use someone else's Character in a key way - You ask or speak first!)
     There is also an option to not participate, but sitting around won't teach you as much.


Natsu is an anxious mess and I finally uploaded a mission! How about that? xD

I had a lot of trouble with coming up with anything to write, and my tablet has been messing with me, so I haven't been uploading much. But I felt like I had to get a move on now that exams are coming up. It's Natsu's third chuunin exam...I want her to pass :'D
Also I want to participate in Arc 0, but I need to finish 9 more missions for that! Work hard, me! xD

Natsu Sakana - :iconeriluvs: Me
Kazue Kitsune - :iconsoulofpersephone:
Tsuyoi Asukai - :iconcadefoster:
Mysterious voice (aka Karigane Asukai) - :icontaminki: I hope you don't mind me mentioning your character a little! He said that in ben's mission and I just figured Natsu would hear it.

To Do List<3



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